Under The Veil


Under The Veil
Is pain
Is hate
Is despair
Is doubt
Is anger
Is rage
Is revenge
Is regret
Thou shalt never lift
Thou shalt never push
Or the wildest cries will be heard
Let it rest in its place
Let the crowd pass over
Let the dust set over
Let not the hardest of winds uncover!
Under the veil,
Are endless emotions
Wait for the time to come
Wait for the world to witness
Wait for me to go breathless
Here comes the inevitable
Wait for me to rest forever!
A time will come
When the encryption will be read
When the story untold will echo
When words will go meaningless
When the most obliged promises will win
The swallowing silence will turn rattling
Let the time come
The living one will fall
Drowning in guilt, fighting with pain, mind reeling back
Loud, louder loudest will shout be
For a chance, too late it would be
Nothing will change,
The swallowing silence will rise again
Under the veil it shalt soon be.
Under the veil,
is a life of countless moments
It will bleed out in desperation
Or will be buried forever!

By Madiha Yusuf


From Implicit to Eternal

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O man,
I created life to test you,
I created desires to provoke you,
I created conscience to hold you,
But I created one thing to hold you above all,
to keep you together,
that constitutes the entire cosmos –
forming its own cosmic melody,
transcends beyond space and time,
tinkles from heavens to earth,
beyond your eyes but ethereal at heart,

O man, here I come again – I created one thing to keep you together
let your ego not be a barrier,
let your lust not obstruct it from flowing,
let it pour within,
let it dance and prevails around you,
let your rage not bound to conventional dimensions,

O man, be wiser- let that one thing to keep you together
listen to your heart and let it play its own music,
let it not refrain you from growing above the horizon,
Form a bond and grow together!
Let LOVE be the utmost part,
Yes, I created LOVE to keep you together,
Let LOVE be YOU……
Let YOU be the LOVE!

By Madiha Yusuf

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