Filmmaker, blogger … butcher? How TED Fellow Bassam Tariq works to upend conventional views of Muslim life

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Bassam-Tariq-TED-Talk-CTAArtist Bassam Tariq is determined to shine a light on the incredible diversity of Muslim life – and he does it by any means necessary. Known for his blogging project 30 Mosques in 30 Days, Tariq and a friend took a month-long road trip through all 50 states, breaking their Ramadan fast each evening in mosques along the way and documenting the people they met.

He also traveled to Pakistan to film These Birds Walk, a documentary celebrating the life of the unassuming man who created Pakistan’s first ambulance service, through the lens of a coming-of-age story. And if that’s not enough, back home in New York City, Tariq cofounded Honest Chops, a halal butcher shop in the East Village that offers high-quality meat to his neighbors, 90 percent of whom aren’t even Muslim.

As his TED Talk, “The beauty and diversity of Muslim life,”is released…

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I Chose To be …..


I Chose to be Different
I Chose to be the Moon
A mystery that lurks at noon
Rise at night, with all its might
Softly embraces the depart,
To illuminate the gloomy path and,
to inspire a broken heart
with a lesson to be taught
to live the darkest without any rage,
and relish the brightest being a sage!

I Chose to be Different
I Chose to be a Warrior
Ready to defend
Never at defeat,
Rock hard at the crust
Melting stone underneath
Always on the brink to fight for the right
but when it is love, surrendering is victory!

I Chose to be Different
I Chose to be Wiser
I reckon i know nothing
but enough to survive,
I stand there with endless strive
to embrace above and beyond
all in my chest,
ahhhh it’s an endless quest.
Let go hypocrisy,
Let go pain,
Enjoy your life,
That never comes again.
I praise the one and the oneness of Lord,
With time, my faith grows stronger, yet sharp as a Sword!

I Chose to be Different
I Chose to be Myself.

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