O’mad shall remain quiet!


I remained quiet….
For the storm to pass
For the dust to settle
For the wounds to heal
For the heart to bleed
For the memories to fade
For the crowd to sleep
For the restless soul to rest
For the flashbacks to go black
For the cries to calm down
For the night to pass
Most importantly,
For a connection to die
For it to revive!

I remained quiet
For a reason, somewhere I was
made fun of
kept down

I remained quiet
For a fact, the one I love
I can’t hate
I can’t forget
I can’t fight
I can’t force
I can’t complain

I remained quiet
When, my
silence wasn’t heard
ignorance wasn’t raised
words weren’t understood
love wasn’t respected
feelings weren’t felt

I remained quiet
I m quiet
O’mad, shall remain quiet

Cuz, love finds its own way
If it’s love, i trust the destiny
If it’s not love, reaching is meaningless!


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