YOU are one of a kind, you are YOU!

I’m over with that phase where I wanted to be like someone else. To be fair, I’ve admired a lot of people and I still do but I had never thought of erasing my personal recognition and be like that one person. I never liked the idea of following someone to an extent where my own personality blurs out.

I find it funny when people talk about God and its creation, appreciate diversity and vividness yet lack faith in being themselves, in being different, in being original.

Its a lot easier to admire somebody and replicate, but that’s not where your charisma shines. People who follow and replicate overlook the biggest fact of life that they respond differently, have different genius zones, carry different auras, encounter different problems, and most importantly carry different souls to wander. If God has kept you different, why copy someone else? Capitalizing on someone else’s innate talent, style or speech is not what you were born for. For rising above, work on yourself, listen to your heart, find your niche and mind it, there is no singular way to look for it. Self-finding could be accidental and uncalled perhaps. All you need is to have that eye to witness your true color!

Madiha Yusuf

Personality begins where comparison ends! – Karl Lagerfield

Unfortunately, girls who aspire to live someone else’s life, a lot to be like Spice Girls, Dakota Johnson, Hanna Montana, Malala Yousufzai etc., they often let their originality fade out. Hmm let’s say you are Malala for a day, ask yourself if you can live your early life in stones? Do you want to have that bullet in your face? Trust me, that’s not easy and that’s not you! You can fight for education, but it is important to understand what made her fight….her circumstances! Living and making your best in your own circumstances offer true results. God knows, you may stumble across a lot better opportunities in being yourself.  So break those barriers and brush off the burden to be like someone, be yourself!  Imagine if Christie, Barbie doll’s first African-American friend character comes out with blonde hair? That’s crazy, yet classy too…I love the idea, you may not…contradiction is there and that’s the beauty of life. Life is not black and white, there are shades of gray that you must value, understand and adhere to.

This blog has reminded me of another awakening experience I’d witnessed in my school days. One of my school fellows was a famous cool girl with spotless skin, fearless attitude, glossy lips, and blow dried hair. I don’t have to explain the reaction she used to get … haha that’s common! But there was another girl who wasn’t naturally blessed with that fetish. The reaction she got wasn’t healthy. What’s wrong? What made her attempt suicide? Replication! She expected the same outcome, a number of boyfriends and calls waiting on her list.  But sadly, replication is not always rational. Since I’m a woman and get along with women daily, I’ve observed that they compare a lot. This habit is notoriously annoying, but yeah they even notice what brand you wear. And if someone is cruising, crabbing or cursing, they make sure they are not left behind. I wonder, why? Where on earth they get time? The problem is, they want to remain ahead of the race, regardless if they even belong to that race or not. Choose your stage!

“If you don’t have a strategy, you’re part of someone else’s strategy.” Alvin Toffler

The best way to be you and have your individual strategy is to admire people who believe in being themselves. They motivate you for trying things that you like and love doing. That’s where you will shine, rise and begin. Get surrounded by people who value humanity, ethics, relationship, choices without judging you.

My photography teacher, Akbar Mistry is a Doctor, specializing to become an anesthesiologist. But his passion for photography made him renowned. For a part of his life, he was into social run to be a doctor or an engineer. He became one but did he succeed? He may later, if he starts practicing but his passion for photography is all over him, I don’t think he would ever be as good in practicing medicine as he is in photography.

Sumera Iqbal is another gem I met and got to know her well. Despite of her outspoken ideas, I love the way she is connected to the Supreme and this world together. She went through drastic ups and downs, but she never surrendered to be someone she wasn’t. She worked harder, to be where she is today! She believed in being her own boss, in being her way and she made it. Not because she had guts, but more likely because she discovered herself and paid attention to what her body, mind and soul required. She pursued to feel free, live and practice her interest and today, she is a thriving film maker!

These are a few people that I know individually. Observing closely amongst my people and everyday life experiences has made it easier for me to understand the beauty in being yourself. In short, I’ve learned, unlearned and relearned that I shall wear my own grace, be natural, and let myself age rightly with time….that’s how life is. I’m sure, that thin silver lining will bring wisdom, power to empower and will help me die peacefully.

Here I say, I’m Madiha Yusuf and I love the way I am. Good or bad, I wear my own grace, my skin and my intellect. I never give a second thought on improving myself, as learning is lifelong and I still seek mentors to learn but there I stop! Good enough. I maintain that fine difference between admiring and replicating. I’m one of a kind, I’m what I am.

Happy Reading!


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