From Implicit to Eternal

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O man,
I created life to test you,
I created desires to provoke you,
I created conscience to hold you,
But I created one thing to hold you above all,
to keep you together,
that constitutes the entire cosmos –
forming its own cosmic melody,
transcends beyond space and time,
tinkles from heavens to earth,
beyond your eyes but ethereal at heart,

O man, here I come again – I created one thing to keep you together
let your ego not be a barrier,
let your lust not obstruct it from flowing,
let it pour within,
let it dance and prevails around you,
let your rage not bound to conventional dimensions,

O man, be wiser- let that one thing to keep you together
listen to your heart and let it play its own music,
let it not refrain you from growing above the horizon,
Form a bond and grow together!
Let LOVE be the utmost part,
Yes, I created LOVE to keep you together,
Let LOVE be YOU……
Let YOU be the LOVE!

By Madiha Yusuf


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