Are we heading towards World War III

Have we ever given a thought what are we heading for? Aren’t we suffering from a global war? Why did U.S attack Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen? Why is Russian Federation helping U.S to destabilize Syria? And Despite of the fact that Iran has not attacked any country since 1798, why is U.S Government so intent of taking down Iran’s Government? Why is Pakistan so affected in the run?? If we observe the current quirk that we are on, it doesn’t make any sense until we connect the dots and form a line which begun hundreds of years ago. It is nothing but a war of currency in the name of spreading democracy and humanity. If you want to understand what’s exactly happening, we must go through the U.S foreign policy of preserving “Dollars”. In this process, Main Stream Media played an important part in propagating against different projected countries to support the “PETRO DOLLAR SYSTEM” as this was the last option to stop the collapse of flat currency and the only source of U.S dominance.
To begin with, I would like to poke into history to make my readers understand thoroughly that what’s the agenda of the super power to be?? World Reserve Currency is a currency which holds a distinct significance and allows the anchor country to purchase commodities like oil, gold or other natural reserves at marginally lower rates. After World War 2, U.S was deliberately made an anchor country in place of Britain which means that ‘dollar’ was made the world’s reserve currency. The foremost aim was to bring distinct financial uplift as all international commodities would be priced in dollars and the main claws of the agreement was that the dollar would be redeemable at the consistent rate of $35 per ounce. U.S exchanged a huge amount of dollars with gold with a promise not to print much money but at the same time FEDERAL RESERVE did not allow any audit or accountability on their printing press which kept many countries in betrayal. In the era of 1970, it became very obvious during Vietnam War that U.S have printed far more money than the gold reserve. In response to this act, countries started asking for their gold back which of course set off a rapid decline in the value of dollars. In 1971, the political ties between U.S and France heated up and France declared to withdraw its gold back but Nixon, the U.S President refused. On August 15th, Richard Nixon made an important announcement saying that the U.S would defend dollars against the speculators and directed treasury to temporarily suspend any exchange or convertibility of dollars until and unless it supports the best interest of United States.
On the Contrary, it was not a temporary suspension as said but a permanent fall if happened. To overcome this threat, in 1973, Nixon signed an agreement with King Faisal that Saudi will sell its oil in dollars only and asked King Faisal to invest excess profits in U.S treasury bonds, notes and bills. In return, U.S promised to provide military protection to Saudi Oilfields. This offer was extended to all oil producing countries within 2 years and every country agreed upon the given offer by 1975. Finally ‘dollars’ gained its lost value back and to maintain its security, U.S bounded every country to maintain a constant supply of Federal Reserve paper and in order to get that paper they had to send real feasible goods to America. In short whatever America needed, certainly came. This was the original beginning of the “Petro Dollar System”. This was the biggest financial con in the recorded history. Furthermore, the arms trade in cold war was another trick in poker. U.S was ready with an enormous stack of chips in exchange of military expenditure. The dollar was already in good position and U.S took good use of it by raising taxes as much as possible to spin other countries in the run. This move was made until U.S military expenditures went beyond all the other nations combined. Soviet Union never had the chance to manage or freeze the collapse of communist bloc in 1991 and thus U.S became the only undisputed superpower with no rivals. It gave an idea that the world would now have peace and stability but it was just not the real agenda of the string holders. The world got a shocking breakthrough when U.S attacked and invaded Iraq within the same year in 1991. U.S badly crushed the Iraqi military system, water purification system, hospitals and infra structure. U.S left no part untouched and more to add in terror, U.S resisted in rebuilding infrastructures by imposing crippling sanctions which lasted for over a decade. In one of the T.V talk show, Albright (Secretary of State for Clinton) answered on a question: Was it worth killing half a million children in Iraq? She answered: “I think this is a very hard choice, But we think, the price is worth it”. In 2000, Iraq in retaliation started selling its oil in Euros. This was taken as a direct attack on the stability of dollars and U.S re invaded Iraq in 2003 in the name of War against terror and soon after invasion the oil prices were immediately switched back to dollars though it cost them a huge currency difference and a loss of about 15% to 20% revenue because of Euro’s higher market price but U.S left no chance unshaken. This switching does not make any sense at all until we take PETRO DOLLAR SYSTEM into account. In the middle of Iraq invasions, U.S plotted the game plan of 9/11 in 2001 and captured sympathy through mainstream media. This was all to intervene in other countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan for tracing Al-Qaeda. Have we ever thought why?? Why have we being treated differently?? It’s only because Pakistan holds the world’s competent army, a nuclear power and a sound relationship with its neighbour China. But we are still facing numerous issues that are being infused to demoralize its stability and strength. Pakistan is rich in Copper, Gold, Titanium and other natural reserves. The string holders are trying its best to capture reserves from different countries to implement one world order to rule till its end.
In an interview on March 2nd, 2007, General Weslay Clark said, I asked higher authorities, “Are we still going to war with Iraq when we are already bombing in Afghanistan? And (Bush) He replied, Oh it’s worse than that. Clark showed a piece of paper, “This is a memo that describes how we are going to take over 7 countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing of Iran. If we stop and take a look over at the past decade, we can easily see these statements apparent.
Moving to the next chapter, In Libya, Qaddafi tried to organize and unite some blocks of African Countries to create ‘Dinars’ as the base currency. The purpose was to replace Dollars by Dinars in that specific region initially. Therefore, in 2011, U.S and NATO took some serious attempts to topple down Libyan Government and took control over the region. If we look at the current situation of U.S versus Iran, Iran kept on campaigning actively against the poor rates of oil and to set off dollars as the exchange currency. It recently surfaced that Iran made some agreements for selling its oil in exchange of gold. In response to this U.S is trying its best to take over Iranian government with the help of main stream media in pretext of building nuclear weapon. U.S put sanctions to collapse Iran’s economy but didn’t succeed till date. In the mean time, U.S tried to win Syria which is Iran’s closest ally and they both have mutual defense agreements. But Russia and China warned U.S, not to get involved as they would not let any intervention unnoticed because Iran and Syria are the only independent oil supplying countries in this region. If U.S occupies it, China and Russia will be left with no other choice to escape from dollar dominance. In spite of all warnings, U.S is pushing forward to strike Syria and Iran and NATO’s coward actions are still going on in Syria in the name of Shia-Sunni Fight. Those who controls United States know that if any of the oil producing country begins to sell its oil in another currency would set off a chain reaction and that would be the start of dollar declination. To secure it, U.S and NATO forces are trying its best to invade all oil supplying countries as we can observe that they are in constant game of intervention and destabilizing other countries as if they are playing a calculated gamble.
After going through the past and the current trajectory we could easily conclude that we are heading towards the unthinkable and we might pay the unimaginable cost of preserving dollars which was mapped up hundreds of years ago with the consciousness of the human consequences but who cares??? Have we ever thought that who have diverted us to a global conflict which have already taken millions of lives and us, the living ones are at stake??? Was it all done to preserve paper currency for dominance?? this is very clear that Obama, Bush or Clinton were all being asked to run the system as per plan made years n years ago. Then who’s pulling the strings?? The best answers to this question are often hidden in another question who’s the beneficiary?? If we go straight to the point we could see that the beneficiary is none but those who have the right or power to print dollars. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK is a private entity which is generally thought to be owned by U.S government. It is very simple to understand that we are being fooled and ruled by some private entities. They want to recreate this world with elites to live further…Let’s see what more to come!!


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